Organic Spray Tan

Be a bronze goddess all year long!

Our risk-free, customize-able sunless tanning solutions are made with 100% naturally derived ingredients that are paraben free, erythrulose free, fragrance free and certified vegan by PETA Foundation.

Full Body

$50 | 30 Minutes

Get creative with our solution additives! Additives like DHA Booster drops can help to intensify the darkness of your tan, or Golden Bronze Drops for a little touch of shimmer or sheen!  Discover, blend, and enjoy your own unique balance of our amazing additives and enhance your sprays today!

DHA Booster Drops | Extra boost of DHA to achieve any color-tone

Golden Shimmer Drops | Adds a hint of color + glowing effect

Opalescent Shimmer Drops | Adds subtle sheen + glowing effect

Skin Firming Drops | Cutting edge formula that tones, tightens, and combats cellulite

Anti-Aging Drops | Revolutionary formula that prevents and reduces fine lines & wrinkles

Restore – Drops | Balances & restores the health of the skin, mind and body

Pineapple Scent Drops | Tropical scent for those on the go, post sunless treatment